Nava Suites

Suite Calle del Agua

Suite Calle del Agua

This suite is adapted also for people with reduced mobility.

This suite overlooks Calle Nava y Grimón, the old Calle del Agua from which it takes its name. It is one of the oldest and most stately streets in La Laguna, which went from the houses of the Adelantado Fernández de Lugo in the Plaza de Abajo (today Plaza del Adelantado), to the Franciscan convent of San Miguel de Las Victorias.

It was also known as Calle Principal, and as Calle Real that goes to San Francisco, later changing its name to Calle de los Canales de Agua, or simply Calle del Agua, because the canals brought water from the surrounding mountains for public consumption ran along it until they reached the Plaza del Adelantado, where there was a basin for public water supply.

Finally, this street was given the name of Nava y Grimón (current name), in honour of Alonso Nava y Grimón, VI Marquis of Villanueva del Prado, whose family palace house opens the street, adjoining Nava Suites.

Its decoration includes a tea wood beam that was discovered during the last renovation, under which we find several pieces of slab from which a “verode lagunero” seems to sprout.
The historical photograph from the middle of the 20th century belongs to the famous historical photographer Agustín Guerra and was given and dedicated to the owner’s family by one of his sons in the 1980s.

Finally, it`s worth mentioning a wooden and leather armchair in Castilian style as well as the baroque bedside table with space for the old spittoons.

Nava Suites

Our establishment is an impressive eclectic-modernist mansion from the early 20th century built on the original construction of an 18th century Canarian mansion, where we find 10 suites with a unique history and personality each one of them. Its front, rich in neoclassical decorations, has one of the first Canarian iron balconies.

Our palace has an emblematic main courtyard decorated with plasterwork and iron columns, also surprising the visitors with the discovery of a bucolic back garden that will bring us closer to nature to the delight of our guests.

At Nava Suites you can also organise private events in its different facilities as well as hire any service that will make your stay an exceptional experience.

For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].