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Suite Romería

Suite Romería

In this room used to be the old music room of the owner’s family, and where they used to celebrate festivities, including our San Benito pilgrimage.

This is where it takes its name from one of the most representative festivities of the Canary Islands and traditionally celebrated in the house, La Romería de San Benito Abad. It is also the only pilgrimage in the Canary Islands to hold the title of “Regional” (i.e. of the whole Canary Islands region). It is also considered to be one of the most important pilgrimages in Spain.

San Benito is the historical patron saint of the peasants and farmers of the island of Tenerife. During the pilgrimage of San Benito, which takes place on the second Sunday of July, numerous carts pass through the streets of La Laguna.

Hard-boiled eggs, chops, gofio, wrinkled potatoes and fruits are handed out from the wagons throughout the pilgrimage. In the procession of the pilgrimage, people of all ages and origins carry flowers and fruit as an offering to the saint.

Rondallas and parrandas enliven the way, and everyone is dressed in the typical costume, the “traje de mago”.

This suite has a bathroom, a wardrobe, and a large loft-like room where we have the bedroom and the living-dining room. In the decoration we highlight above the headboard the old jukebox records with their covers from the beginning of the 20th century as well as a jukebox radio, also from that period.

Nava Suites

Our establishment is an impressive eclectic-modernist mansion from the early 20th century built on the original construction of an 18th century Canarian mansion, where we find 10 suites with a unique history and personality each one of them. Its front, rich in neoclassical decorations, has one of the first Canarian iron balconies.

Our palace has an emblematic main courtyard decorated with plasterwork and iron columns, also surprising the visitors with the discovery of a bucolic back garden that will bring us closer to nature to the delight of our guests.

At Nava Suites you can also organise private events in its different facilities as well as hire any service that will make your stay an exceptional experience.

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